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Offshore Staffing

Offshore staffing has a bevy of benefits, not least the potential for up to 60% cost savings.

Our offshore staffing services can help boost your company’s manpower and cost savings with minimal risk and a transparent cost structure. We consider ourselves more than an outsourcing company – we’re your outsourcing partner.

Offshore staffing isn’t just about cost savings (though the cost savings are obviously one of the biggest benefits). It also gives you access to an entirely new pool of talent and can help your business work smarter in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

Our offshore staffing services have helped more than 220 companies around the world operate in Sri Lanka easily and effectively.

What’s involved in offshore staffing to Sri Lanka?

Our offshore staff leasing services not only give you access to a vetted pool of talent in Sri Lanka – you also get to hand-pick your own team and select the level of control you want.

Your team in Sri Lanka is legally employed and managed by us, but they’re dedicated to you and they report to you.

  • You choose how you want to communicate with your offshore staff (whether this is Zoom, Skype, email, phone or on-site visits).
  • You choose whether you want an expat, or a team of expats, to be alongside your Sri Lankan-based team. Many larger companies that we have worked with, as well as clients with sensitive processes, prefer this as it gives them a higher level of control.
  • No matter how you set things up, you’ll have a GSIT account manager as your point of contact through it all.

We use our offshoring know-how to lay the right foundations for you – without telling you how you should run your business or forcing you to use different tools and processes.

Sourcing and finding your offshore team

If you think it sounds complex, don’t worry, offshore staffing is easy. In fact, the process is similar to how you’d hire talent locally.

We’ll help you work out what your hiring needs are and prepare detailed job profiles. Then our recruitment team will source potential candidates, run through the initial screening processes, then present you with our recommended shortlist. You can then screen the candidates so you can make an informed decision.

Setting up your offshore staff

You’ll work with our IT department to set up everything that’s required for your offshore staffing needs. Your GSIT account manager will work with you on the operations and management side. We’ll help you identify key performance indicators, performance targets and reporting structures for your offshore staff. Once everything is ready to go, we’ll provide the complete array of management and support functions needed to help you run an effective offshore team.

Benefits of offshore staffing for your business

The benefits we mentioned earlier are just the tip of the iceberg.

60% cost reduction when offshore staffing in Sri Lanka.

Salaries, benefits and insurance cost around 60% less in Sri Lanka. Our service fee for providing office space, internet, workstations and other nitty-gritty infrastructure details, as well as management and support services, will save your business about 60% when you compare it to housing and supporting staff locally. Learn more about how offshoring can help you reduce costs.

Offshore staffing helps you scale fast without CapEx

Another big win for offshore staffing is being able to scale your business without hefty, up-front investments. So when your business is thriving or you need to quickly pivot, you can boost your operations immediately without CapEx. What’s more, in leaner times you can reduce OpEx quickly without expensive severance packages. Learn more about how offshore staffing can help you scale fast.

Offshore staffing in Sri Lanka gives you access to skilled labor

Sri Lanka use a very large and highly skilled labor pool. Therefore, if you’re finding it hard to attract and retain top talent locally, then offshore staffing in Sri Lanka can be a great solution. Learn more about talent in Sri Lanka.

Other benefits of offshore staffing in Sri Lanka.

Your offshore staff in Sri Lanka can cover hours that can be tricky to cover locally. We operate 24/7 so we can work with any type of schedule that suits your business. Also, with Sri Lanka nestled in the center of Southeast Asia, it’s a great springboard for your company to enter other neighboring economies.